Sep 22 2015

Memorial Bench

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Hilda's Bench1

This bench is provided by the Southwestern Idaho Birders Association in memory of Hilda Larson at the Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge. Hilda was an honored member of that organization and was loved by all.

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Sep 14 2015


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Barbra K., Al L., Pat C. and Finley P.

Here are some of my girls. Niece Barbra on the left, daughter Pat on the right, me in the middle and great-granddaughter Finley lower middle. They dropped in for a visit the other day. We need to get together more often.

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Sep 07 2015

Lewis’ Woodpecker

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Lewis' Woodpecker (2)

Kris and I were on the way to Prairie to check nest boxes. We stopped at Neil Bridge on the South Fork of the Boise River to view a Lewis’ Woodpecker nest. We spotted the bird in a pine snag next to its nest cavity. Then for no apparent reason this bird flew down near our car and perched on a stump about 20 feet away and posed for the above photo. Now why didn’t it do this when I led a fieldtrip by here a couple of weeks previously?

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Sep 03 2015

Brewer’s Sparrow Nest

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Brewer's Sparrow

Monitoring nest boxes is a delightful hobby. What will you find when you open a box? Will it be the expected bluebird nest with five sky blue eggs or maybe a brood of half grown nestlings nestled tightly in their warm grass nest? The anticipation of what I may find in the next box keeps me going. There are pleasant rewards outside the nest box too. The short walk from the car to the nest box may yield another unexpected surprise. A whirr of wings when a brooding female erupts from a shrub next to you, interrupts your chain of thought, you pause to search for her point of departure. In the case of the photo above, I found this grass nest a few inches above the ground hidden in a large forb. A beautiful nest with four blue speckled eggs. I had interrupted an incubating female Brewer’s Sparrow. I was happy with this discovery but also a little sorry that I had interrupted this expectant mother in her duties.

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May 15 2015

Mourning Dove

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Mourning Dove

If it was’nt for the shape of this bird it would be hard to find. It’s color and markings blend in pretty well with the background of the rocks in the wall.



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May 03 2015

What Hawk is This?

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Swainson's Hawk

Whoa!  What’s that bird sitting on the post alongside the road?  Seldom will a bird stay perched next to a roadway when you stop to take it’s picture. This guy stayed put for several pictures and remained there after I left.

The light spot above the bill and the dark bib on the breast tells me that it is a Swainson’s Hawk.  In flight the leading half of the outstretched wings is light colored and the trailing half is shaded dark.  Earlier in the day I observed another such individual in a nest located in a tree by a busy restaurant next to a highway.  I guess that this apecies can get used to being near people if they don’t feel threatened.

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Apr 28 2015

Butcher Bird

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Loggerhead Shrike

This is a bird that nonbirders seldom notice. The Loggerhead Shrike is a robin-sized bird of prey. It hunts small mammals, birds and insects. It gets it nickname Butcher Bird by sometimes impaling its victom on a thorn, sharp twig or barbed wire storeing it for a future meal.

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Mar 28 2015

Cassin’s Finch

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Cassin's Finch

Spring is rounding the corner. I am seeing a few birds that have been absent all winter. For the last few days I have had a couple of these brightly colored male Cassin’s Finches and one in female plumage at the feeder.

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Mar 15 2015

Winter Shelter

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Rodent nest (1)

Snow piled up under the eaves of the house this winter. Warm weather melted all of the snow in the yard except for this drift next to the house. The center melted away exposing this rodent nest. Some species of rodent had built itself a nice warm place to spend the winter.

I am wondering how this nest could have been built beneath the hard packed snow. I suppose that a cavern seven or eight inches in diameter was excavated and long grasses hauled in through tiny tunnels. This is in an area that I kept grass short with a lawn mower during the summer. I never cease to be amazed at the structures these creatures build.

Rodent nest (2)


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Mar 09 2015

Boise Train Depot

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Boise Train Depot under Full Moon (1)

At first I didn’t like this shot but the more I looked at it the better it seemed. The scene was crisp and sharp under the bright moonlight. The brightly lit subjects are small in this photo. With the camera exposure set on automatic the shutter was open for several seconds. With the large surounding  area dark the light is over exposed. The camera was handheld so edges are not sharp. To me it looks like a faded painting from out of the distant past.

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