Dec 03 2017

First Snow?

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Here it is the third of December and until now there has been no snow on the ground. Could this be the beginning of winter?

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Nov 24 2017

Night Visitor

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Imagine glancing out the window and seeing this. Many mornings I have noticed the feeder at the window had been licked clean. I had suspected a raccoon was responsible. These critters do most of their foraging under cover of darkness. Who monitors their bird feeders after dark? I entered the kitchen lit only by a dim night-light. There was a movement outside the window and I brought my camera into use. The startled raccoon beat a hasty retreat and disappeared into the night.

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Nov 02 2017

An Eastern Visitor

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Imagine my surprise when I glanced out the kitchen window and saw this unusual visitor. An occasional Eastern Blue Jay is seen in the Boise Valley nearly every year but I have had only one other sighting here at Daggett Creek and that was several years ago. Yesterday there were two individuals in the yard. Their appearance was brief. They didn’t seem to want to mingle with the several common Steller’s Jay residents.

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Oct 08 2017

Total Solar Eclipse

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The recent solar eclipse is now history but here are some photos I want to share. During the period of totality it grew very dark and flash was used on the camera as you can see in the top photo, On the far distant horizon, beyond the shadow of the moon, the sky is bright. A swath of darkness was projected across the U.S. from coast to coast as the moon passed between us and the sun.

In the photo on the lower right you can see the reversed photographic images of the partial eclipse projected through pin holes of light beneath the trees.


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Sep 21 2017

My Lucky Day?

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On a warm day in early spring I like to sit out on the lawn and enjoy the sun. My attention is soon drawn to the many clover leaves in the grass. It has been said that if you find a four leaf clover it will bring you good luck. On this fine day I found not only one but three. Did my luck improve? I did not feel any different, except maybe that I was lucky to find one among the multitude of three leaf clover.

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Aug 28 2017

A Great Man

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The above photo was taken in the Idaho State Capital Building. Pictured are Governor Andrus, Al Larson and a U.S. Postal representative in the background. We were attending a meeting introducing the Mountain Bluebird Postage Stamp, the Idaho state bird. This coincided with Idaho’s one hundred years of statehood.

Governor Andrus recently passed away and we all miss him greatly. He was a great Governor and U.S. Secretary of Interior. Our government could use more leaders like him.

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Jul 31 2017

Summer Beauty

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Nature’s beauty is all around us. Here we have a Lorquin’s Admiral perched on a Gloriosa Daisey

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Jul 17 2017


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This picture was taken through my kitchen window. The late afternoon sun highlights the birds against shadows in the background. The photo features a female Black-chinned hummingbird posing for the camera with a smaller female Calliope hummingbird next to her.

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May 14 2017

Birds and Windows

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This photo shows a Western Bluebird male flying against my front room window. I presume he is attacking his reflected image in the window. He and his mate are in the process of setting up house keeping in one of the nest boxes in the yard. It is common for birds to defend their territory from intruders.

The day before this incident occurred I came home from an outing, unlocked the door and entered the house. To my dismay I found a female Western Bluebird fluttering against this very same window attempting to find her way out. I opened an outside door and persuaded this little lady to use that as an exit. I have yet to discover how this bird found entrance into my home. She is now carrying on her normal duties of building her nest in a nest box.

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Apr 22 2017

They’re Back

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This pair of Western Bluebirds showed up a few days ago. They have not yet started building a nest. It seems like they are having a hard time choosing  between this box and another one nearby. Maybe when the inclement weather subsides they will become more amorous and start building their nest. Many Mountain Bluebirds in other areas have already completed their nests.

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