Sep 30 2014

Blazing Star

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Blazing Star

In mid to late summer when I’m driving along some dry dusty mountain road I keep a sharp eye out for flowers. One of the late bloomers is the Blazing Star a member of the Loasa family. A multitude of fine stamens fill the center of the blossom bordered by five narrow petals. The pale yellow blossoms are set on top of light-green stems that resemble some form of thistle.  A person has to stop and wonder how a flower as prety as this can survive the harsh dry rocky environment found along roadsides and disturbed areas.

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Sep 15 2014

Wood Frog?

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Wood Frog

Imagine my surprise yesterday morning when I stepped out of the house and found this little frog on the step. The temperature was near freezing. The sun had risen high enough to cast a beam of warm light on the stone step. Cold blooded though it was the frog had crept out of its sleeping quarters to this warm beam of light. It remained there motionless while I passed by several times. At one point I advanced the camera within inches of this cold creature. A short time later the frog moved out of sight.

This encounter made me thankful that I could generate my body heat from within and not depend on an external source.


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Aug 07 2014

American Dipper Nestlings

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American Dipper nestlings

One comes upon an American Dipper quite often along the fast flowing streams in the mountains. But rarely does one observe their nestlings still in the nest. This trio of young “dippers” will soon leave the nest and beg their parents for food along the streambanks until they can fend for themselves.

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Jul 27 2014

Wildlife on the Bluebird Trail

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Mule Deer

After a day checking bluebird nestboxes we came upon this scene. A doe muledeer and her two fawns were at this abandoned saltlick. We slowly brought our car to a stop and watched the deer as they licked the salt saturated soil. They didn’t show any alarm until we started to depart. I imagine that they settled down and satisfied their hunger for salt after we drifted from sight.

The dry deserts in Owyhee county offer scenic vistas and wildlife unique to this area and worth the trip any time of the year.

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Jun 24 2014

Hummers Galore

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Calliope Hummingbirds

In evenings just before dusk hummingbirds flock in for their last meal of the day.

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May 26 2014

Memorial Day

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Memorial Day 2014

It has been nearly 70 years since I received my discharge papers from the United States Marine Corps. I still get choked up inside when I raise and salute our flag. I am proud to be an American.

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May 12 2014


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Osprey Nest at Wiggins Flat (2) - Copy_550x339

In my lifetime I remember when Osprey were considered quite rare in southwestern Idaho. Now it seems like one can find a nest of these magnificent creatures almost anywhere near a creek, river or body of water. If you see one of these large birds passing by overhead look closely and you might see a fish clutched in its talons. It’s probably headed to its nest to feed its nestlings. These birds have learned to carry their prey head foreward to decrease air resistance in flight. Its just another example showing that intelligence is not a gift given only to humans.

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May 05 2014

Early Morning Scene at Daggett Creek

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Elk on Daggett Creek (1)_550x412

The advantage of living in the mountains is that you may see wildlife all around you.

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Apr 15 2014

Early this year

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Calliope Hummingbird 4-15-14 (3)

It has become a tradition for me to put up the hummingbird feeders in the second week of April each year. Usually the birds arrive about the 19th of April. Last year the first hummers arrived on the 25th. I hung the feeder up yesterday thinking the hummers would arrive in four or five days. Imagine my surprize when a female Calliope showed up for breakfast this morning, on the 15th.
Calliope Hummingbird 4-15-14 (2)

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Apr 08 2014

Spotted Towhee

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Spotted Towhee (8)_550x412

I’ve had a couple of these Spotted Towhees coming to the feeding area for several weeks. They prefer to forage on the ground. Unlike some of the other species that come to my yard they do a quick scratch (double-scratch)  on the ground as they search for food. They can be heard especially when they scratch in dry leaves. Imagine my surprise when I looked out of my kitchen window and saw four of these handsome critters on the lawn. This was short-lived, however. The local pair soon drove off the new comers.


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