Oct 09 2010


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These are apparently some species of yellowjacket. These insects do not have a wasp-like body so I call them yellowjackets. They have built their paper nest on a bluebird nest. The bluebird nestlings have long since abandoned their natal home so the insects did not interupt anything. During active bluebird nesting I generally don’t have a problem with stinging insects. However should a wasp, yellowjacket, bee or hornet occupy a box before a bird moves in the bird avoids the box. This is why it is always a good plan to check the box frequently at the beginning of the nesting season. I much prefer bluebirds over insects!

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  1. June Jenkinson 03 Nov 2010 at 7:39 PM

    That is such a good tip for a Novice Backyard Birder.

    Thank you.

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