Feb 08 2013

Winter Scene

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Mores Creek below Daggett Creek_550x412

This winter scene of Mores Creek was taken from the bridge at the mouth of Daggett Creek looking downstream. After a few nights of near zero degrees weather the creek freezes over. Quite often a little dark gray bird (American Dipper) can be seen perched on the edge of the ice by an open pool. It has always amazed me to watch a dipper plunge into a fast running stream and return to the exact spot where it first entered the frigid water. On this day I saw no such activity. When Spring returns one can expect to see dipper, spotted sandpiper, gray catbird, hummingbird, cedar waxwing, song sparrow, western wood-pewee and many other songbirds along these riparian shores. Spring, Ah yes! I can hardly wait till its return.

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