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Jan 21 2013

A Foggy Day at the Depot

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Boise Train Depot Foggy Morning_550x323

One day last week I happened by the Boise Train Depot. There was a light fog. The sun was shining on the rear quarter of the building. The temperature hovered in the low teens. Seldom do we see a photo of this landmark from the rear. This photo could almost be mistaken for a painting. Notice how the tracks lead the eye to the main attraction. The aerial perspective almost makes it appear 3D.

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Jan 02 2013

Jack Frost’s Signature

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Two photos

A few mornings ago I went out to start the car and found these scenes painted on the windows. It is amazing the different patterns that are produced by moisture in the air and freezing temperatures. Among these crystals I see feathers, the finest of downs, and sprigs of evergreen needles. Behind the windows some snow patterns show through. This was truly a wonderland art gallery.

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Jan 14 2012

Modern Art?

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No, I didn’t stop at a hippy joint!  I thought I’d post this abstract to show what can happen by accident. Inadvertantly I pressd the sutter button while sitting in my vehicle after dark. The car motor was running and the lights were on. The camera happened to be pointed at the dashboard. The camera settings were: 28 mm wide angle, shutter speed 2 sec., F-stop f/3.4, and ISO 800.  I don’t think I have enough camera savvy to ever duplicate this on purpose. An important reminder here: When using slow shutter speeds use a tripod or a bean bag, keep the camera steady.


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Dec 23 2011

Rock Painting

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Hilda does such a wonderful job as an artist. Here she used a slab of petrified bog as a canvas. This scene shows a mournful Black Bear cub looking longingly at its mother. The cub is about to strike out on its own after being weaned and abandoned by its mother. A weasel (ermine) in winter coat looks on.


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Dec 01 2011

Autumn Leaves

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The lawn under the maple tree was a mess with leaves so I got the rake and rounded them up. Maple leaves are one of my favorites. Their cleft edges are a sight to behold. In the fall after the first freeze their colour turns to yellow, red and brown. I gave Nature a helping hand here and arranged this display.


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Nov 24 2011

Saw Painting

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I thought it was time to once again show some of Hilda’s artwork.  Here she put oils on a cross-cut blade. The elk and eagle seem right at home here by the lake, as do the fishermen and their camp. Notice how the crowns of the trees blend into the teeth. I think that this could grace almost any outdoor person’s mantel.

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