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Mar 09 2015

Boise Train Depot

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Boise Train Depot under Full Moon (1)

At first I didn’t like this shot but the more I looked at it the better it seemed. The scene was crisp and sharp under the bright moonlight. The brightly lit subjects are small in this photo. With the camera exposure set on automatic the shutter was open for several seconds. With the large surounding  area dark the light is over exposed. The camera was handheld so edges are not sharp. To me it looks like a faded painting from out of the distant past.

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Mar 11 2013

A look back at winter

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A scene looking down the driveway this winter.

Ranch winter scene

With the weather warming up and spring just around the corner I think it’s safe to look back at a winter scene. Here we are after one of our light snowfalls. I had cleared the snow from the path to the woodshed. The camera lens was set to a slight wide angle which made the house seem quite far away. I like the composition. The path leads the eye right down to the house and the smoking chimney.

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Jan 21 2013

A Foggy Day at the Depot

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Boise Train Depot Foggy Morning_550x323

One day last week I happened by the Boise Train Depot. There was a light fog. The sun was shining on the rear quarter of the building. The temperature hovered in the low teens. Seldom do we see a photo of this landmark from the rear. This photo could almost be mistaken for a painting. Notice how the tracks lead the eye to the main attraction. The aerial perspective almost makes it appear 3D.

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Feb 26 2012

A Winter Scene

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Winter offers many unusual sights. This ice formation hung on the eaves for hours. After a thin blanket of snow had fallen on the area it began sliding off of the roof. The air temperature was freezing and froze the snow as it slowly slid from the roof. A portion of this minature glacier is cantalevered to the main section of ice. The dark background helps dramatize the scene.


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Jul 12 2010

Cow Creek School

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A few miles north of Jordan Valley, OR we pass by this old schoolhouse on Cow Creek. Many times I have passed by this historic building. Each year it seems to fall more in disrepair. I thought I had better take a picture of it before someone decides to demolish it.

Back in the late 1930s my brother Norton and his friend Everett Jones would play for country dances in this building. Since then, I’ve often wondered if there was a piano in this school. Norton played the piano for dances in Jordan Valley. Without a piano music was rendered with a guitar, harmonica and drums. Boom boxes and electronic music devices were unheard of in those days.

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Dec 21 2009

An Aged Barn

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I wonder how many times we pass an old landmark and watch it fall into disrepair? Then there are folks who pass by without ever seeing it. This old barn stood at Barber just off of Warm Springs Ave. in Boise. It would be interesting to hear the stories this old barn could tell if only it could talk. Luckily I stopped by one day and took this photo. Now this barn is no more. It passed over the Great Divide this past summer. It almost breaks my heart to look at this site, bulldozed over, sadly waiting the next stage of developement.

I took the liberty to publish this photo in sephia. A tired old building needs to look old. Right?

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Oct 11 2009

Autumn Colors

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Autumn Colors

This past Saturday I went out into the Owyhee mountains to finish maintanance on my “Bluebird Trail.” The weather was chilly and there was still a touch of snow in the shade and north slopes. Although there has been a couple weeks of freezing temperature at nights there weren’t many scenes of fall color. Toward the end of day I happened upon this small grove of aspens. The leaves were just starting to turn. I often stop by this grove during the summer. I have a nestbox located nearby and it is a nice place to stop and have lunch.  I often wonder about the person/s who may have lived in this rustic old cabin. What secrets lie in the history of this place?

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Sep 20 2009

Winter’s Wood

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Winter's Wood

It’s a good feeling to have the woodshed full to overflowing. I had some carry-over from last season but there was quite a vacant space to be filled. We had several mature dry dead trees that were harvested, split and stacked. I figure that I have enough ready wood on hand to keep me warm at least through next August.

Why is it that all this work takes place during the heat of the summer? Needless to say, a lot of it was done in the cool fore-noons or evenings.

Now I can concentrate on some of the other tasks that need to be done before Winter.



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Jul 20 2009


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Cabin on Jordan Creek

Historical remnants of the past dot the landscape in Owyhee county. When gold was discovered in this area in the 1860s miners and prospectors rushed into the area. Nearby Silver City, in its heyday was one of the largest population centers in the Pacific northwest. Towns sprang up near the mines. There was Silver City, Fairview, Ruby City, Dewey, DeLamar, and Wagontown. With the exception of Silver City these towns have all but faded away. A person may still visit the old cemeterys which are cared for by the local historical society. One may find pieces of old machinery discarded in the past. There are few if any old buildings left. The cabin in this photo still stands near the old town site of DeLamar.

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Jul 12 2008

“Ola Church”

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Ola Community Church and CemeteryIt’s hard for me to pass up a picturesque old building without taking a photo of it.. Here is the Ola Community Church with its adjacent cemetery. The church sets on a rise south of the village of Ola, Gem county, Idaho. A couple years ago repairs were made to the old building and a new coat of paint was applied. The church is still used for religious functions. The cemetery in the background is well kept.

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