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Jul 31 2017

Summer Beauty

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Nature’s beauty is all around us. Here we have a Lorquin’s Admiral perched on a Gloriosa Daisey

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Apr 17 2017


After a feast of seeds at the feeders a sip of water is welcome.

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Jul 27 2016

Gloriosa Daisy

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Gloriosa Daisy

A few stalks of Gloriosa Daisy fell over from weight and laid prone on the ground. Days later I noticed the blossoms had turned skyward. These flowers are related to sunflowers which we know follow the sun as it arcs from horizon to horizon. It is as though these plants had a brain to tell them to turn and follow the solar source of energy. Nature’s magic is wonderful.

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Jul 12 2016

Bird Watching

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Audubon Field Trip to Sagehen Reservoir

For many years I have led a fieldtrip to Sage Hen Reservoir. We are usually treated to bluebirds nesting in nest boxes along the way.This photo shows part of our group checking out the birdlife on the water. Someone detected a Common Loon out there among the other water fowl. Besides birding we stop to observe the abundance of wild flowers. In the early Spring just after the roads are cleared of snow we see many species of flowers seldom seen on our other field trips. Most participants look forward to this trip each year.

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Feb 27 2016

Spring Is On the Way

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Snow Drop

On February 26th I found this hardy little flower already in bloom. This means Spring is just around the corner. With the snow bank just inches away I’m guessing that the plant probably pushed its way through snow before it burst into bloom. The flower is aptly named “Snowdrop.”

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Sep 14 2015


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Barbra K., Al L., Pat C. and Finley P.

Here are some of my girls. Niece Barbra on the left, daughter Pat on the right, me in the middle and great-granddaughter Finley lower middle. They dropped in for a visit the other day. We need to get together more often.

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Feb 07 2015

Spring Is Here?

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I ventured outside today and strolled by the flower garden. This is only five days after Ground Hog day. To my amazement there in the weeds and grass left over from last fall was this beautiful SnowDrop. I hastely removed most of the unwanted vegetation and broke out the camera. What will be next?


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Sep 30 2014

Blazing Star

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Blazing Star

In mid to late summer when I’m driving along some dry dusty mountain road I keep a sharp eye out for flowers. One of the late bloomers is the Blazing Star a member of the Loasa family. A multitude of fine stamens fill the center of the blossom bordered by five narrow petals. The pale yellow blossoms are set on top of light-green stems that resemble some form of thistle.  A person has to stop and wonder how a flower as pretty as this can survive the harsh dry rocky environment found along roadsides and disturbed areas.

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Aug 20 2013


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Blazing Star

The Blazingstar Mentzelia laevicaulis shows up in early August along  roadsides and other disturbed areas. Its brilliant yellow shows up best in early morning. The blossoms last about a day and are replaced by new ones the next morning. It hardly seems possible that this plant should thrive in such harsh dry environment.

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May 14 2013

Fairy Slipper

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Fairy Slipper_550x422

Last Saturday, May 11, 2013 I took a trip to Sagehen reservoir on a birding trip with the Southwestern Idaho Birders Association. Sixty-six species of birds were seen. There were a number of “should have been seen” birds missing from the list. Bird migration is still underway.

Many wildflowers were in bloom.  There were fields of blue camas, hillsides covered with arrowleaf balsamroot, yellow muleear and many others. Some had already matured and withered away such as white trillium, grass widow, glacier lily. The most notable blossom of the trip was the fairy slipper. This beautiful orchid stays hidden in the forest and is seldom seen. Its bloom lasts but a few days. I consider myself lucky to find this beautiful flower.

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