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Dec 31 2016

Crazy Icicles

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It looks like these icicles tried to defy gravity. In reality they were all originally perpendicular. Then the soft snow they were attached to slowly slid down the sloping roof and bent downward causing the firmly attached icicles to appear at an angle. As the icicles continued to grow the tips again headed straight down. What a crazy sight to greet your eyes when you first open your eyes after a pleasant night’s sleep.

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Dec 28 2016

My Back Yard

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My Back Yard

It looks like Winter is upon us. This is what my yard looked like just before Christmas. The snow and cool weather increased the number of Juncos coming to the feeder. I throw a few seeds out onto the snow. It seems like the Juncos prefer foraging for food out in the open rather than on the ground under the shed. They don’t seem to mind falling snow and single digit temperature. I wonder how their little bodies keep warm in these extremes?

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Feb 08 2013

Winter Scene

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Mores Creek below Daggett Creek_550x412

This winter scene of Mores Creek was taken from the bridge at the mouth of Daggett Creek looking downstream. After a few nights of near zero degrees weather the creek freezes over. Quite often a little dark gray bird (American Dipper) can be seen perched on the edge of the ice by an open pool. It has always amazed me to watch a dipper plunge into a fast running stream and return to the exact spot where it first entered the frigid water. On this day I saw no such activity. When Spring returns one can expect to see dipper, spotted sandpiper, gray catbird, hummingbird, cedar waxwing, song sparrow, western wood-pewee and many other songbirds along these riparian shores. Spring, Ah yes! I can hardly wait till its return.

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Jan 21 2013

A Foggy Day at the Depot

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Boise Train Depot Foggy Morning_550x323

One day last week I happened by the Boise Train Depot. There was a light fog. The sun was shining on the rear quarter of the building. The temperature hovered in the low teens. Seldom do we see a photo of this landmark from the rear. This photo could almost be mistaken for a painting. Notice how the tracks lead the eye to the main attraction. The aerial perspective almost makes it appear 3D.

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Jan 02 2013

Jack Frost’s Signature

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Two photos

A few mornings ago I went out to start the car and found these scenes painted on the windows. It is amazing the different patterns that are produced by moisture in the air and freezing temperatures. Among these crystals I see feathers, the finest of downs, and sprigs of evergreen needles. Behind the windows some snow patterns show through. This was truly a wonderland art gallery.

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Oct 08 2012

Summer Has Departed

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The water became stff overnight and turned into a skating pond.

I hurriedly snapped a few photos as I watched chipmunks searching for water in the birdbath. A couple of Steller’s Jay also attempted to quench their thirst. I guess I’ll have to set up the water heater and get ready for winter.

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Feb 26 2012

A Winter Scene

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Winter offers many unusual sights. This ice formation hung on the eaves for hours. After a thin blanket of snow had fallen on the area it began sliding off of the roof. The air temperature was freezing and froze the snow as it slowly slid from the roof. A portion of this minature glacier is cantalevered to the main section of ice. The dark background helps dramatize the scene.


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Nov 07 2011

Another Look at the Beaver Pond

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I returned to the beaver pond below the house on Daggett Creek today in hopes of seeing the beaver(s). Some fall colors still linger on the trees, bushes and shrubs. There was not a ripple in the water. I noticed the long ice crystals floating on the surface. I did not observe a pathway through the crystals so I presume the beaver must come out of its hut in the evenings or during the night. There seems to be fresh evidence of recent activity, fallen stems of willow.


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Mar 01 2009


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Frost-001 Sometimes the frosting isn’t always on the cake. Feb. 28 I strolled out to the car in the chilly morning. To my great surprise I found these decorations etched in frost on the windows of the car. I followed my first impulse and brought out the camera. Here are the results.

In the first photo it appears as though a trained calligrapher had doodled with his broad pen. It is a work of art.









In the second photo it appears like a pile of down freshly picked from the goose.












 Here we could very well have some blossoms from one of our ornimental trees.








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