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Sep 06 2009

Insect on Daisy

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Insect on Daisy

One never knows what will turn up next.  If we keep our eys open there will always be something of interest. Here we have a daisy lingering on after others of its kind have withered away. Also a wasp of some kind has come to pay a visit. Is it looking for nectar, other smaller insects, or is it just smelling the daisy?






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Mar 21 2009

“Leave Them Be”

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Honey Bees In Nestbox  In my last post I described monitoring Wood Duck nest boxes. These boxes are used by a myriad of creatures. Other than Wood Ducks I have seen nests of flickers,  kestrels, starlings and wrens. One wren, which is a tiny bird, filled the foot square box half-full of twigs. It was a very industrious bird. Of course screech-owls bring their prey into their roosts for consumption and leave behind feathers and bones of blackbirds, flickers and parts of pheasant and ducks etc. Fox squirrels regularly use these boxes too. Then there are insects such as wasps and bees. When I find a box filled with honeycomb and a battalion of workers on guard I know bees have taken over. I don’t check this box.      I just “LET IT BE!!!!!!!”

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