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Aug 28 2017

A Great Man

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The above photo was taken in the Idaho State Capital Building. Pictured are Governor Andrus, Al Larson and a U.S. Postal representative in the background. We were attending a meeting introducing the Mountain Bluebird Postage Stamp, the Idaho state bird. This coincided with Idaho’s one hundred years of statehood.

Governor Andrus recently passed away and we all miss him greatly. He was a great Governor and U.S. Secretary of Interior. Our government could use more leaders like him.

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Jul 12 2016

Bird Watching

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Audubon Field Trip to Sagehen Reservoir

For many years I have led a fieldtrip to Sage Hen Reservoir. We are usually treated to bluebirds nesting in nest boxes along the way.This photo shows part of our group checking out the birdlife on the water. Someone detected a Common Loon out there among the other water fowl. Besides birding we stop to observe the abundance of wild flowers. In the early Spring just after the roads are cleared of snow we see many species of flowers seldom seen on our other field trips. Most participants look forward to this trip each year.

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Dec 09 2015

Forth Generation

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Drea and Finley (3)

I enjoyed Thanksgiving day at my granddaughter’s home. It was nice to have four generations together again. I busied myself with the camera taking pictures of the family. In this photo we find two year old great granddaughter Finley romping with her older sister Drea. It is hard to realize that many years ago, I too, was this young.

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Oct 08 2015

Elin Lingensjo

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Lingensjo, Elin

October 3 was my mom’s birthday. Elin Lingensjo was born October 3, 1885 to John and Karin Modine Lingensjo. She passed away January 1934 at her sister Anna’s house in Walla Walla, Washington after a series of strokes. This is her 130th birthday. Mom was a wonderful lady. I often wonder how different my life would have been had she lived a longer life. I had not yet reached my eleventh birthday when she passed away.


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Sep 14 2015


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Barbra K., Al L., Pat C. and Finley P.

Here are some of my girls. Niece Barbra on the left, daughter Pat on the right, me in the middle and great-granddaughter Finley lower middle. They dropped in for a visit the other day. We need to get together more often.

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Oct 31 2014

NABS Field Trip to the Owyhees

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NABS to Owyhee Bluebird Trail

The North American Bluebird Society has an annual meeting every year at various cities in North America. This year, 2014, Boise, ID was chosen for the second time as host city. The first time was in 1994. The meeting was sponsored by Wild Lens Inc. assisted by the Golden Eagle Audubon Society. Matt Podolski, the gentleman at the extreme left, is President of Wild Lens. Sherry Linn, the lady standing fifth from the right, is President of NABS. Others in the photo are bluebirders from many of the states throughout the U.S.

Two of our field trips were to Prairie and the Owyhees. We observed both Mountain and Western bluebirds which were life birds for many of the folks from east coast states. As an added bonus some held the nestlings during banding operations.

The out-of -state people were amazed at the spectacular scenery, canyons and rock formations at Prairie and high desert juniper and mahogany trees in the Owyhee mountains. The above picture was taken at over 6000′ above sea level. The two rounded peaks in the background are Quicksilver Mountain on Cinnabar Ridge. We are about ten miles south of Silver City. If we were to swing our view about 90 degrees to the right we would see the Snake River Plain some 3000′ below stretching from Weiser to Mtn. Home.

This is my favorite nestbox site for photography. I call this nestbox, “A home with a view.”

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Feb 23 2014

Newly Wed’s?

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Al and Hilda

Here we are after nearly forty years of marriage posing for a wedding picture.


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Nov 03 2013

Let’s hold Hands

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Hands - Al and Finley's

Here’s a photo of me holding great grandaughter Finley’s hand. What a contrast this is in size!


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Oct 19 2013

The Mountaineer

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The Mountaineer

I browsed through some of my old photo files the other day and came across this old slide. This is my son Jim fourty-one years ago. We were into rock climbing and here he is practicing repelling. This brought back old memories. Forty some years ago we had scaled several notable mountain peaks including Castle Peak in the White Clouds, Mt. Borah, Idaho’s highest peak, Mt. Teewinot, the sixth highest peak in the Teton range, plus many rock outcrops and ledges.

I have thousands of photo slides stashed away most of which I haven’t seen for decades. It’s a difficult job to sort through box after box of forgotten slides to find photos to show friends and family. One answer to the problem is to digitize them and sort them into folders for easy access. The above photo is an example of a scanned slide. My big problem ahead is how do I go about scanning ten thousand slides? I am using a Wolverine 35mm film to digital converter. Four slides are placed in a rack and moved through the device. It takes just seconds to scan each slide. As simple as the process is I’m afraid that I will have a very long white beard before I get all of my slides processed.

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Oct 01 2013

Four Generations

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Finley, Pat, Jenny and Al

My granddaughter dropped by a few days ago with her brand new baby. This called for a four-generation photo. From left to right is great granddaughter Finley Peterson, daughter Patricia Chapman, granddaughter Jennifer Peterson, and father, grandfather, great grandfather Alfred Larson. The youngest person in the photo is 16 days old and the oldest is approximately 32,903 days old.


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