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Feb 08 2013

Winter Scene

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Mores Creek below Daggett Creek_550x412

This winter scene of Mores Creek was taken from the bridge at the mouth of Daggett Creek looking downstream. After a few nights of near zero degrees weather the creek freezes over. Quite often a little dark gray bird (American Dipper) can be seen perched on the edge of the ice by an open pool. It has always amazed me to watch a dipper plunge into a fast running stream and return to the exact spot where it first entered the frigid water. On this day I saw no such activity. When Spring returns one can expect to see dipper, spotted sandpiper, gray catbird, hummingbird, cedar waxwing, song sparrow, western wood-pewee and many other songbirds along these riparian shores. Spring, Ah yes! I can hardly wait till its return.

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Oct 01 2012

Autumn Yellows

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The country-side seems to be covered with yellow this time of year. The brilliant blues, reds and whites of spring and summer have given way to yellow. Rabbit brush and sunflowers crowd the rural byways with this color. Soon the aspens will join the display. Fall is upon us and winter is on its way. Enjoy this abundance of yellow while you may.



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Nov 18 2011

More Fall Colors

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On November 2nd I took a trip to my Sage Hen Bluebird Trail. I had to clean the nest boxes out before winter should arrive. After leaving Squaw Creek and heading up the Second Fork road I came across this Autumn scene. A lot of the shrubs had shed their leaves but I thought this scene warrented a picture.


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Nov 07 2011

Another Look at the Beaver Pond

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I returned to the beaver pond below the house on Daggett Creek today in hopes of seeing the beaver(s). Some fall colors still linger on the trees, bushes and shrubs. There was not a ripple in the water. I noticed the long ice crystals floating on the surface. I did not observe a pathway through the crystals so I presume the beaver must come out of its hut in the evenings or during the night. There seems to be fresh evidence of recent activity, fallen stems of willow.


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Oct 24 2011

Autumn Colors

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On this cool, overcast, October morning I looked out the window at this colorful view. We may not have the entire landscape emblazened with fall color like the eastern U. S. diciduous forests, but we do have pockets of beautiful hues. Perhaps the dark evergreen background tends to enhance our western autumn colors.


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Jul 02 2011


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I was out on the road to Prairie yesterday. I was amazed at the display of our state flower along the south fork of the Boise river. The Syringa is also known as Mock Orange. I really enjoyed the fragrance of these beautiful flowers that filled the air as I took many photos.

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Nov 05 2010

Mountain Ash

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Mountain Ash may be found in the mountains not too far from Boise. This photo was taken a few years ago in autumn on Clear Creek between Pioneerville and Coulter summit. This native shrub grows up to approximately six feet tall. The berries ripen in the fall just in time to be visited by robins, waxwings and other fruit eating birds. This means your visit must be timed just right to see this colorful display before the birds have their feast.

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