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Apr 17 2012

Sandhill Cranes on the Platte River

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Tens of thousands of Sandhill Cranes roost on the sandbars in the Platte River in March.


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Apr 14 2012

Sunset Over the Platte

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While waiting for Sandhill Cranes to come in to roost for the night we were treated to this gorgeous sunset over the Platte River near Kearney, Nebraska.


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Apr 08 2012

Trumpeter Swans in Nebraska

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Here’s a pair of Trumperer Swans photographed at Crescent Lake NWR in Nebraska. There is a Northern Pintail in the upper left background. There are many wonderful things to see if you will leave the freeway and explore the back country.


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Mar 29 2012

Bear River National Wildlife Refuge

 I recently visited the Bear River National Wildlife Refuge on the return trip from Kearney, Nebraska with a group of friends. The weather was threatening rain and the wind was blowing. In the scene above we find the Wahsach range capped with storm clouds.


The wind was howling and rain was falling. A group of American Avocets lines up in the lee of a tumble weed. There were large flocks of Avocets totaling perhaps 3000 individuals.

Yellow-headed Blackbirds took refuge in the tules, all facing toward the wind

 On this memorable day, my 90th birthday, the four of us had breakfast at Denny’s in Tremonton, Utah. From left to right: Bob Breen, Al Larson, Denise Hughes and Cheryl Huizinga. I ate for free since it was my birthday.

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Jan 22 2011

III Corps Signal Battalion USMC

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I came home in January 1946 after spending 32 months overseas in WW II. I have many memories of my tour from  New Caledonia to North China. I was in Company “A”, Third Corps Signal Battalion, USMC. My MOS was field radio operator.

My whiskers are showing gray and my back is getting stiff. My thoughts often return to  my overseas duty. I know many of my former buddies have passed over the great divide. How many are left? If anyone reads this that were attached to my outfit, I’d like to hear from you.  Semper Fi!

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Jul 10 2010

Rock Outcropping

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On the road from Jordan Valley, OR to DeLamar, ID we pass through a short narrow canyon with rocks on either side. I shot this photo about an hour before sunset.

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Dec 28 2009

Chinese Adventure

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Emperor Liu Pei, (Al Larson on right)

At the end of WWII, I found myself on duty with the USMC in Peiping, China. I soon found a Chinese friend (at left in photo) who could speak good English. He knew his way around the city and volunteered to show me the sights of Peiping. We visited the Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Forbidden City, a Buddha temple and a Catholic church (where we sat in a balcony with the choir boys).  Our principle means of transportation was bicycle. There were also rickashaws and san lurs (three-wheeled pedal-powered rickashaw) available. Restaurants served real Chinese food to be eaten with chop-sticks. Eating soup with chop-sticks is an adventure of its own.

One evening Lu and his friend, Shorty (male) and I stopped by a photo studio for the above portrait. We donned costumes that could have been worn in ancient China. Lu posed as a General. Shorty in his dress, posed as the Emperess. I wore the attire of Emperor Liu Pei Hwang Sheang, Sung Guo Dynasty (right in the picture). As I remember, I was glad to shed the footwear. My feet were too big to comfortably fit in those shoes.

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