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Oct 08 2015

Elin Lingensjo

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Lingensjo, Elin

October 3 was my mom’s birthday. Elin Lingensjo was born October 3, 1885 to John and Karin Modine Lingensjo. She passed away January 1934 at her sister Anna’s house in Walla Walla, Washington after a series of strokes. This is her 130th birthday. Mom was a wonderful lady. I often wonder how different my life would have been had she lived a longer life. I had not yet reached my eleventh birthday when she passed away.


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Sep 22 2015

Memorial Bench

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Hilda's Bench1

This bench is provided by the Southwestern Idaho Birders Association in memory of Hilda Larson at the Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge. Hilda was an honored member of that organization and was loved by all.

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Mar 22 2010

Bubble Dancer

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This is a photo of our great granddaughter, Natalie Rose Bryant. This was at her first year birthday party. She was trying to catch bubbles being blown her way.

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May 18 2009

“California Tortoiseshell 001”

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California Tortoiseshell nymphalis californica

This certainly seems to be the year of the California Tortoiseshell . This morning I observed these butterflies gathered in clusters the full length of the foundation around the house.

California Tortoiseshell nymphalis californica

The concrete was slightly moist and the sun was warm. When the butterfly’s wings absorbed sufficient warmth they folded them vertically so that they resembled little sailboats. This has been the most abundant species in our yard this spring.

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May 12 2009

Sagehen Reservoir

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 Sagehen Reservoir

Last Saturday I had the privilege of leading a field trip of birders to the Sagehen Reservoir area. There were nine cars of us and the head count was 19 plus. We started out at Montour and worked our way up Squaw Creek, nooned just inside the Payette Forest boundary and ended up at the reservoir.

Eared grebe The weather was very favorable as evidenced by the people in shirt-sleeves. Birdwise we were a little early in the season. Many summer bird residents such as the Western Kingbird were here but a few species were yet to arrive. Some of the highlights of the trip were nesting Swainson’s Hawk and Red-tailed Hawk. A pair of Northern Harrier in courtship display performed over a grassy meadow. we observed a fledgling Great Horned owlet, still unable to fly, perched out on a limb while a parent perched in a nearby pine tree. Turkey Vultures occasionally soared overhead. Songbirds, though not plentiful, kept us on the alert. At our lunch stop a pair of Western Bluebirds entertained us by their antics around a parked vehicle nearby. Were they interested in their reflected image in the window? Perhaps the most memorable sighting was a flock of eighteen Eared grebe swimming in tight formation near the boat launch area. Occasionally they would all dive in unison and reappear still in a group.

It was also a great day for observing wild flowers. Blue camas was starting to bloom. Arrowleaf Balsamroot, desert parsley, larkspur, glacier lily and white trillium and many others were magnificent. Purple trillium and dutchman’s breeches were a rare sight for many.

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Feb 23 2009

“Window Etching”

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window-painting_300x474While looking out on a cold frosty morning I noticed a scene on the window before me. It looked like an etching. Jack Frost had been busy and painted what appears to be grass. Imagine, if you will, a carpet of dry grass with a few long stems reaching upward.













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Jan 30 2009

“A New Baby”

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A sketch by Hilda Larson

My “better half”, Hilda, likes to sketch and draw and paint in oils and acrylic. There are many sketch pads filled with her art work. She is apt to whip out a pencil sketch while talking on the telephone. In her eyes it is only doodling. These doodles are destined to the waste basket. Quite often I find one of these wonderful sketches before it is destroyed and take a photo of it. Here is one that I photographed. I should put all of her works in a digital file.

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Nov 19 2008

“A Badger Visitor”

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BadgerI’ve always had a great respect for the American badger. I’ve given them plenty of room. Their reputation of being a vicious predator is well known. So what to do when one comes into the woodshed and digs a hole in the dirt floor? I grab the camera, stand way back and again put the telephoto lens to good use. The individual in this photo showed up in the late afternoon of November 16. It piled up about a half yard of dirt in the middle of the floor, spent the night in the burrow and then departed. I would not have wanted to stumble unknowingly into the territory of this guy. I would just as soon it set up house keeping outside the yard.

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