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Apr 14 2012

Sunset Over the Platte

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While waiting for Sandhill Cranes to come in to roost for the night we were treated to this gorgeous sunset over the Platte River near Kearney, Nebraska.


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Apr 08 2012

Trumpeter Swans in Nebraska

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Here’s a pair of Trumperer Swans photographed at Crescent Lake NWR in Nebraska. There is a Northern Pintail in the upper left background. There are many wonderful things to see if you will leave the freeway and explore the back country.


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Nov 07 2011

Another Look at the Beaver Pond

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I returned to the beaver pond below the house on Daggett Creek today in hopes of seeing the beaver(s). Some fall colors still linger on the trees, bushes and shrubs. There was not a ripple in the water. I noticed the long ice crystals floating on the surface. I did not observe a pathway through the crystals so I presume the beaver must come out of its hut in the evenings or during the night. There seems to be fresh evidence of recent activity, fallen stems of willow.


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Oct 29 2011

A Beaver’s Hangout

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I have yet to see the engineer but the evidence is here. I don’t know if an individual is responsible or if a pair of beaver is working here.  Last year a dam was built and then aparently abandoned and washed out during high water last winter and spring. The old hut has been refurbished. There is also a hole (tunnel) leading into the bank on the right side of the pond. Our son stepped through the roof of the tunnel about fifteen feet from the water. The beaver promptly set to work covering this unwanted hole with grass and weeds. I must quietly sneak down there and see if I can observe this fellow at work.


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Oct 06 2011

Double-crested Cormorant

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A few days ago on a trip to town I stopped by Lucky Peak Dam. This is a flock of Double-crested Cormorants that hauled out onto the rocks below the dam. They perch on the rocks to rest and dry out. Fishing is good below the turbins in the power plant.

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May 09 2011

One Big Fountain

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When we have a good snow-pack in the mountains the Corps of Army Engineers open up the original outlet gate for public view. Since this happens just one weekend a year I hastened down to the dam for a picture and to tryout my new Nikon camera. Among the many photos taken I liked this one the best.

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Apr 15 2011

On the Boise River

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We know that Spring has arrived when excess water is spilled from Lucky Peak reservoir. Lucky Peak dam was designed for flood control on the Boise river. When snowpack in the mountains begin to melt there must be ample free storage space in the reservoir to accomodate a sudden surge of water due to rains and warm temperatures. Thousands of costly new homes have been built on the flood plains of  the Boise valley. Flooding is hopefully avoided by controlling the storage capacity of the reservoir.

In the photo above there is probably six thousand cubic feet per second of water being released through the outlet that was designed to aerate the flow of water minimising erosion to the river bed below.

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Sep 13 2010

Running Water

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The American Dipper prefers a home above or near running water. Here we have a dipper nest built between stringers on the underside of a bridge. This huge ball of acquatic vegetation is brought in a strand or two at a time. The nest is closed on top with an entrance hole on the side ( in this photo on the back side). It is common, here in southwestern Idaho, to find a dipper nest beneath most bridges spanning fast flowing mountain streams. Their nests are also found beneath stream-side logs and rocks.

After the eggs hatch, I find it fascinating to sit quietly nearby and watch the parent birds bring food to their nestlings. The adults seem quite tolerant to a human’s presence. However, a person should retreat should the birds show a reluctance to come in. I usually limit my visits near the nests to ten minutes or less.

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Jun 06 2010

After the Rain

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 We have had a lot of rain recently. Saturday morning, early, there was a down-pour. This photo shows Mores Creek mid-morning. It looks like tons of sediment are being washed downstream. Dunnigan Creek is at the upper right hand side. The rains have made the vegetation lush and green.

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Mar 27 2010

A Pair of Mallards

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Mallards are so common that I hesitate publishing photos of them. However, they are beautiful birds and I enjoy them. Here we have a pair resting on a very small island. Since there are just the two of them I assume that they planning to begin nesting. It is still a bit early in the season to start a family so I assume they are, at present, just enjoying each other’s company while basking in the sun.

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